Being treasurer or president of your chapter has never been easier.

Between collecting dues, filing taxes, and paying bills, the stakes are high. It takes a lot of time, it’s confusing, and unfortunately, it can also mean you have to be the one to hassle your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters. But with Greek Capital Management, all of that changes.

We pay the bills. We hassle your brothers/sisters for their dues. We file the taxes. We manage your budgets.

You just enjoy the free time and the praise you get for doing such an awesome job.

GCM was founded by two fraternity brothers who became well aware of the challenges chapters and their officers faced. So with the help of some of the best web and software developers, they designed and built platforms that directly address the needs of treasurers, presidents, house corporations, and national offices.

Our services and support work because we were all in the greek system, and we’ve spent our time since serving and consulting with fraternities and sororities.

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