GCM was built to chapter Presidents & Treasurers
to run their chapters more efficiently, and with less stress.

Collecting Dues? Done.
Pay dues automatically or enroll in a payment plan on the GCM mobile app or website. Each chapter member (or their parents) can submit their dues with a few clicks.
Forget About it! Let Us Handle Reminders.
Asking your friends for money is awkward. Instead of having to remind sisters or brothers to pay up, we’ll send notifications for dues (and other required payments).
Rapid Reimbursements
Tracking everything your chapter’s members spend can be a huge headache. GCM lets you reimburse members without the hassle.

Here’s how it works: members upload receipts of what they’ve bought for your organization with their own money. Then, you pay them back on GCM with a few clicks.
See Everything
We pay bills. We track dues. We handle all financial matters, so you don’t have to. But, we know it’s important you stay on top of things. So, if you’re looking for the financial insight of a CFO on a platform that’s easy to use and understand, you’ve found it.
Easy Events (Finally)
Easily manage everything for your chapter’s events on the GCM website. You can invite members to your events, keep track of who’s attending, have people prepay for the event, and more.
We Pay Bills & Take Care of Taxes
Money matters. So when it comes to bills, employee wages, and taxes, we get everything paid on time and accurately.
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Enough talk, let's demo.

We'll show you how your chapters will be organized and successful, as well as how the national organization will operate more smoothly.