Ditch all the hard parts of being the treasurer or president of your chapter.

We know being chapter treasurer, you have plenty of stressful, boring, and challenging responsibilities. Let us help lift some of the pressure off your shoulders.

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Let Us Be the Bad Guy

Stop bugging your brothers or sisters for their dues (and then getting flak when you don’t collect them all). GCM does the work for you and allows you to maintain your friendships while running your chapter correctly.

  • Chapter members (or their parents) pay dues online using GCM’s automatic payments.
  • With GCM, you maximize your chapter’s collection potential.
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We Pay Your Bills

National dues, IFC/Panhellenic dues, composites, bus companies, utilities, and staff…the list of bills that need to be paid within a chapter goes on and on.

You won’t have to worry about any of this with GCM. We take care of all your bills.

  • We pay your chapter’s bills with 100% accuracy.
  • This means your bills are paid on time, every time.
  • Billing disputes? Not your problem. We’ll handle those too.
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"Congrats, Taking Care of Taxes Falls Squarely on Your Shoulders"

Taxes—complicated to complete, easy to mess up. Now, you won’t shudder every time you hear words like “deduction” and “IRS.” With GCM, taxes is just another thing you can keep off your to-do list.

  • We help get your chapter’s taxes done. Punctually.
  • We pay any taxes owed. Correctly.
  • We also help your house obtain or reclaim exempt status.
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We’ve Covered All Your Bases

You get more out of GCM than just having us pay the bills, collect your dues, and file your taxes. Here’s a few more things we’ll get done:

  • Reimbursements—their fully automated.
  • Budget—it’s always up to date and viewable.
  • Events—you can edit and update events and manage attendees.
  • Donations—all can be done through the GCM interface.
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Enough talk, let's demo.

We'll show you how your chapters will be organized and successful, as well as how the national organization will operate more smoothly.