Chapter Presidents' Recruitment Playbook: 15 Things You can do Today to Build a your Chapter

Looking to take your fraternity's membership to new heights? We’ve gathered the top 15 ways that the most successful fraternity chapter presidents handle recruiting. With these tips, you’ll be able to leave a lasting legacy by ensuring your chapter continues to grow once you’re an alum.

  1. 1. Craft Your Chapter's Unique Identity:  Sit down with your brothers and brainstorm what sets your fraternity apart. Showcase your traditions, values, and achievements to attract like-minded potential members.
  2. 2. Create a Comprehensive Recruitment Plan:  Don't leave recruitment to chance. Develop a well-thought-out plan with specific goals, deadlines, and roles assigned to members.
  3. 3. Embrace the Power of Social Media:  Engage with potential members on platforms they frequent. Keep your social media profiles lively and interactive.
  4. 4. Host Virtual Events:  In today's world, virtual events are a fantastic way to connect with potential members, no matter where they are. Organize engaging online gatherings to showcase your fraternity's personality.
  5. 5. Plan Unique In-Person Events:  For local prospects, consider fun and inclusive events, like game nights, barbecues, or community service projects.
  6. 6. Listen Actively to Potential New Members:  Take the time to get to know them personally. Understand their interests and aspirations to show them that they truly matter.
  7. 7. Foster Alumni Connections:  Leverage the wisdom and experience of alumni to mentor potential new members. Their guidance is invaluable.
  8. 8. Follow Up Promptly:  After events or meetings, don't let potential new members slip away. Reach out with a friendly follow-up message to keep the conversation going.
  9. 9. Champion an Inclusive Environment:  Everyone should feel welcome in your fraternity. Strive to create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that values diversity.
  10. 10. Share Success Stories:  Gather testimonials from current members, highlighting their positive experiences and personal growth within the fraternity.
  11. 11. Collaborate with Campus Organizations:  Partner with other clubs and organizations to increase your fraternity's visibility and build lasting connections.
  12. 12. Leverage Campus Resources:  Make the most of campus resources, like career centers or counseling services, to offer additional benefits to potential members.
  13. 13. Inspire Your Brothers:  As a chapter president, lead by example. Show your brothers the passion and dedication you have for the fraternity, inspiring them to do the same.
  14. 14. Implement a Mentorship Program:  Pair up new recruits with seasoned members to foster camaraderie and provide support during their transition into the fraternity.
  15. 15. Host Q&A Sessions:  Organize open forums where potential new members can ask questions about the fraternity, its values, and the benefits of membership.

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